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Carbon Clean Solutions to provide carbon capture soutions to coal power plants in India

Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) is a company that provides low cost energy efficient carbon capture technology to large scale CO2 emitters, like power plants. The company was founded with a vision of becoming ‘industry leader’ in carbon capture technology.

CCS provides a proprietary technology solution to power plants and industrial utilities for potentially reducing 90% carbon dioxide emissions from the flue gases.  The technology involves the use of a proprietary chemical solvent mixture combined with a unique heat coupling method for post-combustion CO2 capture.

The company owns the intellectual property on the proprietary technology and has filed for two patents including one on the solvent and one on the process.

The modelling for the solution is done according to the size of power plant or requirement of the customer.  The first model is a study on 500MW coal fired power plant, currently modelling a 500KW demonstration pilot plant. 

According to the company, the USP of the technology is the potential to reduce capital cost by up to  20% and up to 10% reduction in energy penalty as compared to existing technologies.

The solvent has shown increased resistance to degradation and oxidation thus increasing the useful life of solvent is substantially higher under the lab conditions.

CO2 captured using company’s proprietary technology will be reused for algae production, supply to beverage factories and production of other valuable products..

 While most of the current processes take about a fourth of plant’s energy, the CCS process uses the waste heat of the power plant in the heat coupling technique to reduce the energy requirement in the carbon capture process.  CCS says that there is a reduction of 10% in the energy required for the CO2 capture process. 

CCS has its technology approved for a government grant from under TePP and over last year has developed MoUs with leading R&D institutes in India for collaborative research.

CCS has been selected as a finalist and will be showcased in the Sankalp Clean Energy Forum.  Speaking to Panchabuta, Aniruddha Sharma,CEO, Carbon Clean Solutions, said,” Sankalp Forum offers an opportunity to meet investors, project collaborators and like minded people from different backgrounds and organizations. I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities and technological advantage.”

Sankalp Forum is scheduled for May 5 & 6, 2011 in Mumbai, India

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