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Nandan Biomatrix targets 2 million acres of Jatropha culitivation by 2020 through unique social models and advanced biotechnology

Nandan Biomatrix Limited (NBL) was founded in 1999 to explore opportunities available in the agrarian sector, and in 2001 uncovered the medicinal properties of Jatropha and the possibility of sustainable Jatropha crop cultivation and production of biofuel.

The company has adopted a customized business model for each state under CAD (Catchment Area Development) and  began to focus on integrating the entire value chain from seed to oil, creating a common platform for multiple stakeholders (Farmers, policy makers, researchers, technology providers, off-takers like Oil Marketing companies).

The installation of the largest biofuel processing unit, a trans-esterification plant at Vizag, with the production capacity of 300,000 MT, gives the company, the potential to edge its competitors. A plethora of opportunities are explored with the bio-refinery model producing derivatives like biogas, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, energy pellets, electricity, pharmaceutical etc. in addition to biofuel production.

With a vision to become a global sustainable energy provider, NBL is treading the path to develop about 800,000 ha of Jatropha plantation, by 2020, so as to produce feedstock for 2.8M tons of sustainable biodiesel with about 40,000 ha under cultivation currently.

The company attributes its success in the highly failure prone Jatropha cultivation area to its research and development center and its adaptation of various plant breeding and modern biotechnology methods like hybridization, transgenic, mutation breeding, marker assisted study, alteration of sex ratio, and mass multiplication through tissue culture.

NBL has seven global patents for its four hybrids and has successfully developed a unique Jatropha hybrid that bears 100% female flowers resulting in more fruiting and higher productivity. The variety shall be available for commercial cultivation in near future bringing unparalleled benefits to farmers.

With a target of 8 lakh hectare, the company is solely targeting marginal land. The company is also working with state giving marginal land user rights to BPL farmers , SHG, under community centric model and afforestation schemes.

The company has partnered with one among India’s Largest Oil marketing Company Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and Infrastructure leader Shapoorji Pallonji (SP).

The Joint Venture Company is implementing the novel bio energy plantation model in close co-ordination with the Gram Panchayat titled “4 P- Public Private Panchayat Partnership “.

The integrated bio diesel value chain project is christened Project Triple One. The project envisages bio fuel plantation in one million acres of land to produce one million tons of bio-diesel and give direct /indirect employment to one million people.

NBL is working on second generation technology for biodiesel conversion. It has acquired the know-how for Catalytic DePolymerization (CDP) Technology from Germany based Alphakat GmbH, for converting organic wastes into synthetic diesel.

 With proven success in India NBL has embarked on an ambitious plan on replicating its success in African countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Nandan Biomatrix Limited has been shortlisted as a finalist and will be showcased in the Sankalp Clean Energy Forum.

It is an excellent opportunity for all the stakeholders in this cleantech-clean energy movement to meet and interact, learn about successful models like the 4 P model -Public Private Panchayat Partnership.

Sankalp Forum is scheduled for May 5 & 6, 2011 in Mumbai, India

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