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Solar Panel Powered LED Billboards installed in Madurai

Panchabuta has often talked about the  potential of offgrid solar- especially in the telecom space-particularly in the rural telecom and telecom tower space. We have also discussed of the immense potential in the defence and the railways for solar pv based solutions. Opportunities exist for cost effective and innovative solutions in the low and medium temperature thermal collectors space.

According to reports, at the peak of power crisis, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has undertaken a major awareness campaign to emphasise the need for energy efficiency and power conservation among the public to tide over the shortage.

A major area of focus is on use of lights for the ubiquitous advertisement bill boards and other decorative purposes. The very sight of these energy intensive lights being used for illuminating bill boards on roads during a time of dire power shortage is a sore point for many.

One way out of this is through use of solar-powered lighting systems for these advertisement boards. For long, this option was dismissed as either non-practicable or as financially unviable owing to the high initial investment.

But, now, a batch of 70 billboards fitted with LED lights, powered solely by solar energy, have been installed and successfully shining along the median on North Veli Street in Madurai city, Tamil Nadu.

A total of 35 units of power are saved every day through these boards. Considerable energy saving could be achieved if the project was scaled up, said V. Sivakumar, Director of Alter Energy Systems, which supplied the equipment to the private advertisement agency that had leased the space from the Madurai Corporation.

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  1. It’d be more reassuring if it also said the cost of this setup. Without knowing that it’s not possible to know whether we are better of running these billboards using grid electricity or these solar panels.

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