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ONergy a Renewable Energy focused social enterprise and Sankalp Clean Energy Forum finalist aims to “ONergize” a million lives by 2015

ONergy is a Renewable Energy Venture established in 2009, to provide complete energy solutions across rural India. The company does this by creating an ecosystem which connects technology, finance and grassroots organizations – to manage the energy needs, aspirations and resources of rural BoP beneficiaries.

The company calls itself a “social enterprise” dedicated to providing Quality and Affordable sustainable energy technologies through proprietary model of Renewable Energy Centres (Shakti Kendras) and micro entrepreneurs and has set itself a target to  “ONergize” 1 million lives by 2015 (over 200,000 HH) by eradicating use of fossil fuels like kerosene and diesel.

This is definitely an achievable that the company has set, given the success that companies like d.light have been able to achieve- impacting their second million lives in 8 months and the third million in less than 4 months.

Renewable energy centres (RECs or Shakti Kendras) which is the core of the model that the company is using, provides an energy distribution channel through a network of trained rural entrepreneurs in a sustainable (also financially viable), decentralized and scalable manner.

RECs are setup in partnership with Grassroot Partners (MFI and NGOs). The distribution and service network is managed by ONergy leveraging the network, infrastructure and local knowledge /goodwill of the partner.

Panchabuta has earlier mentioned that innovative solutions need to be developed in clean energy in the offgrid and micro-grid applications for electricity and cleaner safer fuels, where these solutions address what is called the “energy poverty” which we believe is more “energy availability” as applicable to India.

Such solutions not only have an economic impact on rural India but also far-reaching social impacts as can be seen by the early success of the solar lantern companies with traditional distribution models. This we believe is the “cleantech rural 1.0 solutions” in India and their early success has provided the platform for developing “cleantech rural 2.0 solutions. ”

This model will be evolved by innovative cleantech-clean energy solutions providers in conjunction with rural and social networks as a financing and distribution partners that not just help but participate in the scalability of such solutions.

The company provides various solutions including solar lighting solutions, solar home electrification systems and smokeless cook stoves among others and these systems are offered through loans extended by Rural Banks and MFIs.

The company should also be able to benefit from the offgrid incentives in the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and has applied for a number of schemes.

The company has also been selected for the MNRE-UNDP Ace Project to prepare a DPR for their Access to Energy Program.

Onergy has been selected as a finalist and will be showcased in the Sankalp Clean Energy Forum.  Speaking to Panchabuta, Ekta Jaju , CMO, ONergy said, “Sankalp Cleantech Forum  is a great platform to showcase our work to and connect with like-minded organizations, individuals and investors. It can be helpful in providing ONergy that extra mileage and help us upscale and grow.”

It is indeed an excellent opportunity for all the stakeholders in this cleantech-clean energy movement to meet and interact on a common platform as the we come to gather to address the unique and interesting problem of “energy availability” in India.

Sankalp Forum is scheduled for May 5 & 6, 2011 in Mumbai, India

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