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NexPower Technology-Taiwan will supply 36MW of silicon thin-film modules to Wipro EcoEnergy, India.

Moser Baer has earlier stated that thin film modules are best suited for meeting the solar power demand of the Indian market. WiproSmart PV is the state-of–the–art in Solar PV Systems, engineered to precision by Wipro EcoEnergy. The system generates the highest power output in its class, by extracting maximum performance from its system components.

At its core lies the ‘Wipro Energy Manager’ (WEM) that dynamically controls the system to give improved performance, safety and manageability.

Wipro EcoEnergy has been active in signing up a number of EPC contracts for projects allotted under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and under the Gujarat state policy. Sources have told Panchabuta that Wipro EcoEnergy is one of the most competitively priced solution in the market and about 10-15% lower than the best price offered by other reputable Solar EPC companies.

According to reports, NexPower will supply 36MW of silicon thin-film modules to Wipro EcoEnergy.

“Since its inception, NexPower has been committed to advancing the development and application of solar photovoltaic technologies,” commented Arthur Chou, CEO, Nexpower “This strategic project with Wipro EcoEnergy is a milestone for Taiwan PV manufacturers and will help us grow our footprint in Asia, with an increased focus on the rapidly growing Indian market.”

G K Prasanna, President. Wipro EcoEnergy added, “Incorporating sustainability in mainstream business operations is more than simple green-washing. Through our investment with NexPower, Wipro EcoEnergy is now geared up to deliver the latest Solar PV Solutions to cater to the growing power-demand of governments, customers and even our own sustainability targets.”

The deal also includes engineering expertise on system design, servicing and delivering joint solutions to the end customer. NexPower said that the shipment of the modules had already begun, the report added.

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