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Clean Energy companies to be showcased at Sankalp Forum-Opportunity of up to Rs. 2 Crore funding

 Sankalp Awards has consistently recognized India’s most sustainable and scalable businesses with the objective of channelling impact investments their way. Sankalp has shortlisted the finalists from five high impact sectors  one of which is clean energy.

The finalists will be showcased in the “Awards and Winners Package” which will be presented at the Sankalp Forum on May 5 & 6, 2011 in Mumbai. Apart from the Awards, Sankalp is also a dynamic that facilitates knowledge exchange, mentorship and capacity building. In 2011 Sankalp will engage stakeholders all year round through forums in India, Africa and USA, workshops, mentoring, and an online networking community.

“Intellecap was founded in the belief, strengthened since its foundation, that market-led mechanisms have a key role to play in the social sector and in development, especially in geographies like India and Africa. Patient capital enables solutions to the unique challenges of social enterprises, helping to further multiple bottom lines. Sankalp is Intellecap‟s platform to catalyze the investment of such capital into sustainable and scalable social businesses. Sankalp in the past has brought together over 500 investors and businesses. This year, we are delighted to be working with IndiaCo Ventures, Springboard Ventures and GrowVC India, to bring this platform to even more sector stakeholders. We look forward to working with our new partners, and to taking Sankalp – and the impact of the investments catalyzed through Sankalp – to the next level, financially and beyond,” says K. Sree Kumar, CEO, Intellecap, explaining the need and relevance of building an eco-system that facilitates the growth of social businesses through multi-lateral partnerships.

 This is an excellent initiative and Panchabuta as a thought leader in this space has often opined that there are tremendous opportunities available in offgrid, distributed and decentralised clean energy space in a vast country like ours where 70% of the population lives in rural areas and the solution lies in addressing two critical components of energy namely electricity and fuel for domestic consumption.

Panchabuta believes that  innovative solutions need to be developed in clean energy in the offgrid and micro-grid applications for  electricity and cleaner safer fuels, where these solutions address what is called the “energy poverty” which we believe is more “energy availability” as applicable to India.

Such solutions not only have an economic impact on rural India but also far-reaching social impacts as can be seen by the early success of the solar lantern companies with traditional distribution models. This we believe is the “cleantech rural 1.0 solutions” in India and their early success has provided the platform for developing “cleantech rural 2.0 solutions.”

This model will be evolved by innovative cleantech-clean energy solutions  providers in conjunction with rural and social networks as a financing and distribution partners that not just help but participate in the scalability of such solutions.

It is indeed heartening to note that IndiaCo Ventures will identify investment opportunities of up to INR 2 Crores and sponsor cash prizes for the Winning Clean Energy Businesses at Sankalp Forum 2011.

The finalists at the Sankalp Forum in the Clean Energy sector includes P2 Power Solutions, Onergy, Carbon Clean Solutions, Envirofit, Nandan BioMatrix and Azure Power.

The grand jury for the Clean Energy panel includes, Manoj Gupta, Principal, Nexus Venture Partners; Rahul Patwardhan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, IndiaCo Ventures; Vipul Mankad, President, SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd.; Bejul Somaia, Managing Director, Lightspeed Ventures; Madhabi Puri Buch, Managing Director & CEO, ICICI Securities; Sameer Wagle, Director, Nomura Capital.

It is indeed an excellent opportunity for all the stakeholders in this cleantech-clean energy movement to meet and interact on a common platform as the we come to gather to address the unique and interesting problem of “energy availability” in India.

Sankalp Forum is scheduled for May 5 & 6, 2011 in Mumbai, India

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