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Tata Power submits proposal to study feasibility of Tidal Power in Maharashtra

As Panchabuta had reported earlier this year, the Indian State of Gujarat has approved a 50MW tidal power project to be constructed in the Gulf of Kutch. The MoU was signed as part of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 and a total of 250MW of future tidal power development was agreed under the terms of the MoU.

The State of Gujarat has agreed terms with marine energy developer Atlantis Resources Corporation who will partner with Gujarat Power Corporation Limited on the landmark project that could commence construction as early as 2011.

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy had earlier said it may provide financial incentives for as much as 50 percent of the cost for projects seeking to demonstrate how to produce electricity from ocean tides.

The ministry has approved a 3.75-megawatt demonstration plant on India’s eastern coast that will be developed by the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency.

According to reports, acting on a suo moto proposal from Tata Power, the state government has decided to study the feasibility of generating non-conventional energy from tidal waves.

Replying to a question raised in the legislative council, Ganesh Naik, minister for non-conventional energy, said, “Since it is Tata Power which has expressed interest in undertaking such a project in the state, we are waiting for a project report from them. Only after receipt of such a report will the state be able to estimate the approximate cost of the project and also calculate the amount of energy that can be generated from it. As of now, the state government is refraining from taking any concrete decisions in the matter.”

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