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Bihar approves biomass plants- Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar asks officials to look at Renewable Energy sources

Biomass projects in states like Uttar Pradesh have been extremely successful and have contributed a lot in bolstering rural economy and agri-business. Innovative biomass-based power plant, established in Fatehullar village of Ghazipur, UP. Biomass collection centres (BCCs) at various locations in the state were formed, where farmers can get value for their agro-waste that was earlier burnt in the field.

 A number of districts in east UP region like Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Chandauli and Buxar (Bihar) are in the pipeline to get such centres soon.

These centres have great potential for enhancing rural employment and economy besides adding value to agri-businesses for small and marginal farmers, he added. He also said that such centres would be opened at more places in the country, beginning with UP and Bihar.

As most biomass developers would acknowledge and as Panchabuta has often repeated, the biggest problem in such projects is the availability of feedstock and the availability at the right price and usually this varies even within the state and within a particular district this has to be analyzed at a micro market level for the success of the project.

As Panchabuta has reported earlier, Husk Power Systems (HPS), uses the husk-based gasifier technology to provide electricity using 32 kWe (40 kVA) plants that deliver power on a “pay-for-use’’ basis to households in the rice-producing belt of India at about Rs 2 per day per household, located within a radius of 1.5 km. The charges are such it results in a reduction in the consumption of kerosene by as much as two-thirds. Power is supplied from 5 pm till midnight each day.

With this kind of demand, it comes as no surprise when the Bihar State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) officials said investment proposals to set up gas and biomass-based power plants in Rohtas, Gaya and Kaimur districts have also been cleared. The report further adds, that in view of the shortage of power, Nitish Kumar has also asked top officials to review progress in procuring power from unconventional energy sources.

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