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Siemens Launches New Wind Turbine for Indian Market

Siemens Energy Sector recently launched a new wind turbine for the Indian market at the Wind Power India International Conference and Exhibition 2011 held at Chennai.

The new product SWT-2.3-113 (Direct Drive) with leading technological edge was launched and will target low wind markets with a clear focus on generation based customers. With this launch, Siemens intends to utilize its engineering expertise in energy efficiency to strengthen its local presence by manufacturing and supplying range of wind turbines. Siemens will manufacture these products at Vadodara, Gujarat. The production at Vadodara is slated to commence in 2013 with an annual capacity of 250 MW which will be scaled upto 500 MW by 2015 to meet market demand. The Company is additionally investing in a research and development (R&D) technology center at Vadodara.

The newly launched Wind Turbine is especially suitable for low wind regimes in India. Due to the large rotor and low rating it allows the turbine to exploit predominantly low wind conditions. A full power Net Converter® is also offered ensuring better power quality and grid stability. Siemens Direct Drive technology provides a simple design with 50% fewer parts and 70% less moving parts reducing mechanical complexity and the need for maintenance. The revolutionary direct drive generator and the new optimized Quantum Blade are paired to extract maximum results even from moderate winds. The wind turbine is highly appropriate for Indian conditions and is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

“The potential of wind energy is tremendous in India and we believe that the conditions are right in India for such a development. We have a strong focus on renewable energy market and we are strategically positioned to play a key role in this segment.” Siemens Managing Director Armin Bruck said in a statement.

With India’s current cumulative installed capacity at 13 GW (as on Dec 2010), reaching 64 GW by 2020 (as per GWEC estimates), Siemens SWT 2.3-113 (Direct Drive) wind turbines’ innovative, simple and robust direct drive concept, is designed for maximum performance.

Wind power is part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. With over 9,600 wind turbines and a total capacity of more than 13 000 Megawatt (MW) installed worldwide, Siemens offers highly efficient wind turbines with low life-cycle costs to project developers and independent power producers.

Siemens Ltd. started operations in Renewable Energy Segment in India in 2010 by setting up an office in Vadodara, Gujarat. The Division already has 30 employees on board and will ramp up the number of employees to 100 within one year. In India, the Renewable Energy Division is focusing its activities on intensively building up the Wind Power business and the Solar Thermal Power and PV solutions.

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