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Kenersys launches the largest Wind Turbine-K 100 2.5 MW in India

KENERSYS is a worldwide operating manufacturer of wind turbine generators. Founded in 2003 as an engineering company focused on wind, the company has become part of the Kalyani Group since 2007. In April 2008 First Reserve Corporation, US based leading energy thrived private equity firm, with over USD 12.5 billion funds under its belt and USD 1.2 billion invested and committed to alternate and renewable energy companies, invested in KENERSYS.

Renowned wind turbine manufacturer KENERSYS India, part of the Kalyani Group launched the K100 2.5 MW wind turbine at Windpower India 2011 – International Conference & Exhibition, taking spearheading Synerdrive Technology to a new level in India.

The K100 2.5MW with 100 meter rotor diameter and 2.5 MW rated power and a tower height of 85 and 100 meters is one of the largest turbines in India. It represents Kenersys’ latest wind turbine technology with a special focus on maximum energy yield per specific site and the maximum installed capacity per unit area, high efficiency in wind power utilization, good economic benefits and builds upon the success of Kenersys’ K82 wind turbine.

Equipped with the innovative Synerdrive technology developed by the R&D team at Kenersys, the turbine is designed to address specific Indian grid conditions. It offers the maximum energy yield even at low and moderate wind regimes in India.

KENERSYS K 100 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Specifications

KENERSYS K 100 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Specifications

Wind sites in India largely fall in the low & moderate wind regimes. The K100 is expected to  enable Kenersys to significantly expand its ability to cover a broader range of wind conditions and hence cater to the unexplored wind sites in India, giving it a distinct competitive advantage.

 Speaking on the occasion, Paulo Fernando Soares, KENERSYS Group CEO stated, “It’s our foremost commitment to increase value for our customers, especially for Cost of Energy focused companies and IPPs. The K100 2.5MW turbine represents the next step in our evolutionary product portfolio and expands our capabilities to serve the Indian market enabling our customers to have the lowest Cost of Energy and a maximum project IRR on a specific site.’

The K100 2.5MW turbines will be manufactured at the Kenersys’ recently launched production facility at Baramati, near Pune, which is already producing the successful megawatt turbine K82 2.0MW.

K100 2.5 MW was introduced first in Europe as a prototype for Vattenfall, one of the largest utilities and wind farm owners in Europe. It is now the best performing turbine in the whole Vattenfall onshore turbine fleet. 

Mr. Kailash Tarachandani, CEO, KENERSYS India said “This product marks a fitting addition to our product portfolio.  We started the development of new turbines in 2007 with a major focus on developing multi – megawatt turbines suited for the world market and to create value for our customers by building on proven performance and reliability in combination with its spearheading electronical architecture that ensures a perfect integration into the grid. The K100 is a testament to our commitment to becoming a major player in the Indian wind turbine market”

KENERSYS has set ambitious targets to rapidly expand its footprint in the growing Indian wind energy market. The company with its global Headquarters and Global Technology Center in Germany is on track with a global production capacity of 1000MW. Renowned companies in Europe like the large utility company Vattenfall and Indian companies like Tata Power, Ushdev, Serum Institute, Panchshil and Bharat Forge, to name a few, are among its customers.

Further projects are planned in the U.S., Denmark and Germany.

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