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SunPods Inc. Announces the First Pre-packaged Solar Arrays Ready for export to India

Sunpods Inc, headquartered in San Jose, California, SunPods designs and manufactures factory-built solar solutions. SunPods solar systems can be delivered to the project site fully-assembled with all of the components required to generate solar energy. The SunPods Solar Smart Technologies™ design methodology minimizes on-site construction or site preparation and reduces installation time by up to 85 percent. Products include on-grid and off-grid solutions, EV solar charging and ground mount systems for commercial, government and residential applications.

The company announced a couple of days ago that the SunPods Solar Energy Export Kit (SEEK™) is now available to all International Partners.  The pre-packaged and containerized solar arrays are designed for shipment to any global destination.   SunPods International Agents will assemble the SunPods and deliver the complete systems to the solar site – ready to connect.  Single SunPods units can power residences and smaller projects or multiple units are connected to build systems as large as utility-size solar arrays.  SunPods’ turnkey design will reduce installation costs by up to 85% percent over traditional methods.

India and South Africa will be the first International regions scheduled to receive the SEEK™ systems. Both regions will utilize the SunPods SEEKâ„¢ product to build out solar power in rural regions and areas with unstable or unreliable grid power systems.  International SunPods’ Partners will develop and train a local workforce to factory assemble and install the solar arrays. 

Like SunPods’ U.S. systems, each unit is complete with the solar modules, wiring, inverters, power-adjustable legs and optional batteries or off-grid projects and Electric Vehicle (EV) car charging stations. The SunPods are then delivered directly to the solar project, set into place, and connected – ready to generate solar energy.  This process eliminates the lengthy construction and extensive site preparation phase and enables installation on almost any terrain.

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