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NHDC 100MW wind farm in Madhya Pradesh-India stalled as allotted site has low wind potential

Panchabuta has earlier opined that high PLF- high potential wind sites are more or less exhausted in India and as Suzlon has observed most of the current installations are happening in Class-II site and there are a number of Class -III sites that have identified but not utilized yet.

Panchabuta had mentioned in December that Suzlon Energy is banking on its new turbines, which can generate power at low wind speeds, to gain an early mover advantage in the segment.

A couple of days ago, Suzlon launched  its  new low and medium regime  S95 and S97 wind turbines.

According to reports, the  Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation (NHDC) has run into rough weather over a wind power project. NHDC is a joint venture between the Madhya Pradesh government and the National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC). Last year, it had planned to set up a 100-Mw wind power plant in Kukru village of Betul district (250 km from Bhopal).

“We do not have sufficient wind at the site which was allocated to us by state government. We have two options now — either we will demand another site or join hands with some private partner who has feasible wind site,” said a well placed source in the company, according to the report.

The NHDC capacity utilisation in wind power, if government and wind energy investors and various other sources are believed, comes to hardly 18-22 per cent in Madhya Pradesh against the feasible 27-30 per cent in states like Tamil Nadu.

According to a source, the state had allocated feasible sites to private investors. However none of the new private players has come to wind power sector in a big way. “We will soon initiate discussion with private players too for potential but feasible site,” the source added.

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