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India should exceed 3 GW a year in additions soon says Sean Sutton, President-Vestas Asia-Pacific

Wind energy has witnessed a lot of activity in recent times in India. Panchabuta, has earlier talked about the  Generation Based Incentives (GBI) scheme for grid connected wind power projects with the objective of broadening the investors base by attracting FDI and independent power producers.

As readers of Panchabuta are aware, India had 11,800 MW of wind power installed at the end of March 2010 according to the Indian Wind Energy Association, making it the world’s fifth largest wind power market.

The  installation  in India being range bound  between 1470-1750MW  a year over the last five years and the installed capacity for 2009-10 was around 1565MW. This year the expected capacity is close to around 2200MW according to officials.

As readers are aware, a number of manufacturers have announced big expansion plans in manufacturing capacity in India  and research reports indicate, that cumulative installed capacities will advance at a CAGR of 14% during FY 2011-FY 2014.

According to research done by World Institute of Sustainable Energy, they forecast a  5000 MW annual market by 2015 in India and Wind Power India 2011 claims to be charting a  roadmap for additional 50GW of wind energy in India by 2020.

As Panchabuta has earlier opined  the number of easily available wind sites are rapidly reducing and there has been an instance in Kerala where the  Kerala cabinet had decided to evict Suzlon from the land that was claimed to be illegally acquired by them. In another instance, Enercon India Limited  had their project in Pune district, Maharashtra run into rough weather with the court staying the project.

According to reports, financing for wind projects in the Asia- Pacific region may increase as policy changes in Australia and India draw lenders, Sutton said. “India added 2.1 gigawatts in wind-power capacity last year compared with 1.2 gigawatts in 2009. India should exceed 3 gigawatts a year in additions soon,” Sutton said.

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