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Taiwan based NexPower receives 30MWp thin-film module orders from India

 NexPower Technology, established in 2005, is a subsidiary of a world-class leading semiconductor foundry, United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC). Since its inception, NexPower has committed itself to advancing the development and applications of solar photovoltaic technologies. Currently our major products are uc-Si tandem solar PV modules.

In recent reports,India was ranked third tied with Germany behind China and the United States of America, in Ernst & Young’s Country Attractiveness Indices for the world renewables market.  There have been international reports that have started saying that “India the top target for being the new Germany for Solar“.

According to reports, thin-film solar company NexPower, a subsidiary of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), announced that it has received 30MWp in module orders from an India client for applications in solar farms, and shipments will begin in March 2011. NexPower shipped 73.8MWp in 2010, up six-fold from a year earlier.

NexPower indicated that in high-temperature environments, thin-film technology can produce more power versus mainstream crystalline silicon solar cells, and hence many clients in Southeast Asia are glad to adopt thin-film solutions.

NexPower shipped 50,000 tandem thin-film modules to Germany-based solar system company Solar GmbH for 4MWp and 3MWp solar farms in Luptitz and Lauta. Both farms were grid connected in 2010.

NexPower shipped 604,000 modules in 2010 compared with 103,000 units in 2009.

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