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Hind High Vacuum Solar aims to reach 500MW production in the next five years

HHV Solar  is a subsidiary company of Hind High Vacuum Private Limited (HHV). HHV is a 45-year- old multi-technology company, which started its operations in the year 1965. It focuses on activities like R & D and manufacturing, with highly developed process know-how in both vacuum and solar technology.

HHV offers a complete production line of reliable turnkey equipments for the production of a-Si solar PV module with semi automatic and fully automatic options.

HHV Solar offers technologically advanced Crystalline and Amorphous Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Modules, manufactured under stringent quality controls and conforming to IEC and UL quality standards. Its state-of-the-art facility has a 50,000 sq ft clean room, in which Solar PV Modules are manufactured, in accordance with ISO 9000 certified procedures, on modern equipment supplied by Spire Corporation, USA.

The total solutions offered include partnering with clients for system optimization and customized design options.

HHV Solar also provides hands-on training for customers requiring turnkey and technology-transfer solutions in these areas.

HHV has been manufacturing its equipment in various sizes with required special gadgets and is in service with various defense and other manufacturing organizations.

As Panchabuta has mentioned last year, Hind High Vacuum Company (HHV) of Bangalore, India was to build Canada’s first amorphous silicon solar panel manufacturing plant with Solar Source Corp (SSC) of Canada. The two companies had entered into a joint venture agreement for the same. The proposed annual capacity was 120 MW (megawatts), to be established in four phases, with Phase One slated to reach 30 MW of capacity. The plant was to make panels for the building – integrated, ground-mount and commercial rooftop markets.

According to this report, there are few challenges that the company faces currently. “Pricing remains the basic challenge for the company,” said Lakshminarayana, “We are not in position to meet Chinese pricing strategy. However we do have different product strategy from our competitors,” he added.

The company currently manufactures a 300 Watt solar panel, which, according to Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director of HHV, is the highest energy producing solar panel on the market today.Sakhamuri also mentioned that HHV solar is unique because they make lead free modules, they have the highest efficiency solar cells, and they have thin film capabilities. HHV Solar’s modules are currently used in solar farms as well as in buildings.

HHV Solar becomes the first Indian company to have developed the technology as well as the equipment for setting up a production facility for thin film solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules. At $12 million (around Rs54.7 crore) for the plant, HHV says it has cut the hardware cost from the prevailing rate for setting up such a unit of about $30 million.  HHV Solar is also the first company to invest heavily in silicon vapors as raw material in India. “We focus on niche market and produce high end products,” said Lakshminarayana.

According to Chairman Prasanth Sakhaamuri, the company is also planning to go into thin film tandem cell technology.

The company has a team of 25 Scientists and Doctors who look into company’s technology on a day to day basis.

“We started with 24 MW volume of production, currently we produce 40 MW and we aim to reach 500 MW in the next five years depending on the global market scenario,” said Lakshminarayana. It is these kind of companies that should step up to the opportunity and make the best use of the National Solar Mission and the requirement of  domestic content requirement.


  1. I am proud to say, that I will aslo be a part of this achievement. Wishing a successful goal ahead. – SRINIVAS B V

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