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Hyderabad-based Sujana Energy planning to raise $100 Mn through private equity

Sujana energy claims to be a unified renewable energy and energy efficient solutions provider.Sujana Energy provides Eco friendly turnkey (EPC) lighting solutions using the most advanced technological innovations in the areas of renewable power generation LED Lighting and Solar Power based LED Lighting.

As Panchabuta had mentioned last year,  Sujana Energy entered into a tie up with Nichia Corporation of Japan to manufacture LED’s in India for Solar LED lantern. The JNNSM mission has  a goal of deploying  20 million solar lighting systems for rural areas by 2022. Sujana also has a product and technology partnership with The Energy and Resources Institute, under the  ‘Lighting a billion lives’ (LaBL) programme.

‘Lighting a Billion Lives’ (LaBL) is a initiative by TERI and the campaign aims to bring light into the lives of one billion rural people by replacing the kerosene and paraffin lanterns with solar lighting devices.The Campaign uses solar lanterns that have CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) as well as LEDs (light emitting diodes) for dual purposes.

According to reports, Hyderabad-based Sujana Energy Limited is planning to raise $100 Mn through private equity to fund its expansion into hybrid power generation.  The company plans to set up units which will be a mix of solar, thermal and biofuel to generate 400 MW of power. Combining solar thermal power with biomass gas allows these plants to stay operational even when the after the sunset. Company will use gas produced from local agricultural waste and livestock manure for steam turbines at the unit.

The report adds that, Sujana Energy has also developed a device called a parabolic troughs, to harness the sun’s energy to produce steam that can in turn generate electricity. Sujana Energy is doing a pilot at Chennai for a 4.5 MW plant meeting 40% of the fuel needs from solar and the remaining 60% from biomass.

The company is also setting up a manufacturing plant at Medchal in Hyderabad, at a cost of Rs.50 Cr to make solar thermal parabolic troughs, solar photo voltaic and LEDs among others. The plant which will be operational by May this year, would have a capacity of 30 MW in the first year of operations and 50 MW in the second year.

It is unclear from all this what the company’s strategy is with respect to solar. They seem to be all over the value chain in both the offgrid space and the ongrid space where they are in the more challenging CSP space and PV manufacturing. There are numerous challenges with respect to manufacturing etc. that need to be evaluated by the investor. Panchabuta on speaking to various funds that are keen to invest in this sector, understands that as long as the positioning in the value chain by Sujana is clear there should not be any difficulty in the fund raising.


  1. We were in LG’s LED manufacturing facility in South Korea and were told they have already achieved about 30% cost reduction through their own proprietary technologies. They have a well integrated range of products that come to the Business segment of the market as part of what they call as Energy Services.

    Good to see another company attempting to Straddle the Solar and LED ( Energy Efficiency) and also across the technologies of PV and Solar thermal.

    As Panchabuta says, is it opportunistically straddling all that is around or is it a peek into their big bang well thought out strategy?

    Time will tell??

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