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New Delhi to get its first waste-energy 16MW plant at Okhla in July

As readers of Panchabuta might be aware we had talked about  Municipal Corporation of Delhi to become the first local body in India to get carbon credits for the Okhla compost plant. Further we had mentioned in December last year that  Municipal Corporation of Delhi had announced plans to generate power from waste, with three plants at Okhla and Timarpur (16 MW), Gazipur (10 MW) and Narela-Bawana Road (36 MW).

According to reports, Delhi is all set to get its first waste-to-energy plant with a waste management plant in Okhla to be operational in July. According to the report, the proposed Rs 200 crore plant will generate 16 MW of power from 1,350 metric tonne solid waste. It has, however, come under severe criticism from local residents and environmental activists who claim the project will increase the overall pollution level. 

“At this plant none of that will happen. Trucks will bring the raw material in an enclosed area from where no noise will go outside. The bad air will in fact be used for heating,” said Allard M Nooy, CEO of the company that is setting up the plant.

As Panchabuta had mentioned last month,  Srinivasa Gayithri Resources Recovery Ltd is setting up India’s first integrated waste-to-energy power plant of 8 Mw in Bangalore city in association with Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) as a public-private partnership initiative. It will sell the power to state grid.

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