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India Solar Energy Summit to discuss on Innovative Strategies and Sustainable Development of Solar Energy in India

As Panchabuta has often mentioned and believes, Solar in India is at a very interesting stage.

Panchabuta was the first to report  on the Solar PV and thermal developers  shortlisted for the first phase of the Solar Mission. 37 developers for a aggregated capacity of 620MW have been shorlisted and PPA’s signed.

Gujarat that has been in the forefront of Solar energy development has released a state specific  solar policy with an ambitious target of installing 1,000 Mw solar power capacity by the end of 2012 and 3,000 Mw in next five years. The state has already signed PPAs for about 934MW.

There have been international reports that have started saying that “India the top target for being the new Germany for Solar“.

A number of manufacturers, solution providers – engineering-design-project and financial- are looking at the Indian market for opportunities.  The question from the various service providers has been the strategy that they should adopt- India specific- given the numerous policies that differ from state to state and state to centre, the opportunities in grid and offgrid and microgrid sectors and the various grants, subsidies and other government initiatives available.

Some of the bigger players with experience in the European markets are also looking at a sustainable approach to the market place so that mistakes commited in Spain and some other countries are not repeated here.

In this back drop it is very interesting to see Noppen organize a unique conference called India Solar Energy Summit- Innovative Strategies and Sustainable Development of Solar Energy in India on February 17-18 in New Delhi, India .

The summit brings together senior officials, PV manufacturers and solutions providers to provide a unique insight into evolving governmental policies, breakthrough technologies and investment strategies for this evolving sector.

Some of the interesting sessions include Development and Implementation of Large Scale projects. A very interesting session will be that of the Role of Regulators in Solar Energy Projects by Dr. Pramod Deo, Chairperson, CERC followed by a session on CSP in India-another topic of interest to a lot of developers but not discussed about often.

There are sessions on the Growth of Solar in Europe and the Project Development of Solar Parks in Germany. There are also sessions on Policy Development  in Indian States to promote Solar.

A very interesting session is that of Opportunities for SME along the Solar PV and CSP value chain Mr. Narsimhan Santhanam-who is  advising and consulting for numerous companies  on their India strategy .

There is also a panel slated to discuss equity investments in Solar Energy and a number of private equity funds have expressed their interest in this sector in discussions with Panchabuta on their interest to work with another Azure or Kiran energy.

There are also elaborate sessions planned on the complete PV value chain including manufacturing, supply chain. A very interesting session on Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase has also been planned.

“We believe we are hosting a very unique event in a market saturated with competitors. As one of the foremost companies facilitating business across Asia and Europe Noppen emphasis on creating the best networking opportunities possible for our clients. Top level attendees, pre-arranged meetings, quality speakers, experienced staff and a luxury environment all combine to make sure our clients get a return on their investment” said George Mohan,General Manager of Noppen India, speaking exclusively to Panchabuta.

Panchabuta will be at the event and would be available to meet with members of the renewable energy community that will be at the event.

India Solar Energy Summit: February 17-18 – New Delhi – India

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