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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) sponsored “Mission on Sustainable Growth” develops GreenCo Rating system for Indian industries

“Mission on Sustainable Growth” (MSG) is a CII initiative for the industry towards realizing the objective of ecologically sustainable growth, and with the intention to promote and champion conservation of natural resources in Indian industry without compromising on high and accelerated growth.

“No country has so far developed a rating system that the industry has promoted. MSG (Mission on Sustainable Growth) has developed a path breaking rating system called the GreenCo Rating system through which India is starring at a great opportunity to become a benchmark for industry worldwide. This will be a living document and will see Indian leadership that will be implemented globally,” said Mr Jamshyd N Godrej, Past President – CII, Chairman – CII–Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre & Chairman – Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd at a conference on ‘Environment and Sustainability’ organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

“I have always believed that unless the business case for environment and sustainability is made, it will not be implemented. If you look today, the business case is increasing exponentially everyday, and the perception of people towards business will also be bettered by conservation,” said  Godrej adding, “At Copenhagen we have taken initiative to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2020 and it is easily doable, the point is how much can we exceed it?”

“Close to 15,000 cell phone towers come up every month in India, mostly in rural places. The opportunity to run them on renewable energy is very large. The SPEED pilot project will result in the type of benefit we are talking about by using renewable power in cell phone towers. However, only one third of it will be used in the tower, the rest by the rural economy thus supporting it, enhancing healthcare, education and will create whole set of business opportunities for business nearby,” said  Godrej. SPEED is a joint initiative of CII and the Rockefeller Foundation, US, with the intention of greening cell phone towers.

Dr Naushad Forbes, Past Chairman – CII (WR), Chairman – CII WR Sub Committee on Climate Change & Sustainability and Director – Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd., said, “Over the last 20 years we have seen reduction of carbon emissions. But most of this has been because of a shift from industry to services which tends to produce less co2 than the industry. Yet with industry growing as fast as service today, the next 10-15 years will throw up challenges for the industry to reduce carbon. Hence the motivation is to go green so we can grow rapidly while reducing carbon footprint at the same time.”

 S Raghupathy, Senior Director & Head, CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, elaborated on the gathering of the GreenCo rating system. “It’s a first of its kind rating system in the world. Once we have shown its effectiveness in India, we will take it abroad. It will be like the IT industry where India is the thought leader. A similar opportunity is there in the green business and these are stepping stones in that direction,” he said about the GreenCo rating system that will be launched in Delhi on 10th February.

 “The best thing about the rating system is that it is a combined effort of several key players in the country with experts from all sectors pooling in their expertise to develop it. Also, it is not just a rating system, it also suggest ways and methods by which you can rise up the ladder,” said  Raghupathy adding that the extensive rating system, “is applicable to existing and new companies and to manufacturing as well as service companies. The companies that reach top ratings under the system will not be best in the country, but globally among the select few.” He also illustrated how aspiring for the rating makes business sense for companies, as it leads to huge, and long term savings for a little initial investment.

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