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The Switch -Finland based energy technology company in Wind and Solar expands presence in India- opens office in Chennai

The Switch, a Finland-based new energy technology company, announced the expansion of its international presence by establishing a wholly-owned The Switch India office in Chennai. The new home base serves as the company’s beachhead to strengthen its business network and to lead business development efforts in the fast-growing wind and solar power market in India.

Pertti Kurttila, VP, Supply at The Switch: “India’s growing wind and solar power market is highly attractive for us. The government’s wind and solar power program has been the fastest growing sector of the country’s energy planning process. India’s wind power potential exceeds 45,000MW and the country also possesses a large and high-potential solar energy resource. By 2022, India’s target is to have 38,500MW of installed wind power capacity and 20,000MW of solar power respectively, part of which is based on grid connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.”

The Switch has more than 5,000MW of installed wind power capacity in the global market and in solar solutions the company’s focus is on high-power level applications starting at 500kW. “Our strategy is to provide efficient and reliable technology to help India achieve the government’s energy goals and to meet the country’s growing energy needs also in the future,” Kurttila explains.

According to the company, Permanent magnet technology is gaining  momentum in the Indian wind power market. By focusing on permanent magnet technology, The Switch has helped the world’s top turbine manufacturers, such as Goldwind, Doosan and Powerwind generate more high-quality electricity.The Switch products are already also gaining momentum in the Indian market. Through the recent wind turbine purchase agreement signed by Chinese Dongfang Electric and Indian KSK Energy, The Switch will be contributing to the export of 166 1.5MW wind turbines to India. The Switch is a technology provider and key component supplier of permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages  for Dongfang Electric.

 “For us, the Dongfang Electric and KSK Energy deal is a step in the right direction, and we look forward to participating in many more businesses in the Indian wind and solar power market,” said C.Sundar, who is responsible for the sales and marketing activities for the Switch in India. “Of the total 18,000MW of installed Indian renewable energy capacity, some 13,000MW come from wind energy alone and the number is expected to grow. Our intent is to be the partner of choice for our Indian customers for multi-megawatt power generation and to help them develop the country’s vast potential for clean energy.

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