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Delta Introduces Hybrid Renewable Energy Solutions (RenE) for Telecom Customers to Optimize Green Energy

Delta Group is the world’s leading provider of power management and thermal management solutions, as well as a major source for components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. The Telecom Power Solutions Business Unit is a power system provider, and the global partner of choice for telecom network manufacturers, operators and integrators.

Delta’s new hybrid site solution is embedded with features like complete integrated power, ease of installation and maintenance, remote control and monitoring, data logging for multi-energy, reliable and cost effective. This new site solution is designed to keep Indian rural areas in mind where grid power is highly unreliable forcing BTS sites to depend on onsite diesel generators for backup or primary power.

In such scenario, a reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain power system is required, Delta new hybrid solution ensures power in these areas and will not only reduce the telecom sites OPEX but also will help cut the use of fuel guzzling diesel generators in tower operations.

“With RenE, telecom customers can go all green using only renewable energy sources whether it’s in the heart of the city or in the remotest areas of the globe. Compared with utilizing the more expensive traditional energy sources, using renewable energy sources alone or in a hybrid solution may bring down payback time from 7 to 2 years, varying with site designs,” says Krzysztof Puczko, Product Manager, RenE-Hybrid Power Systems.

According to Mr.Dalip Sharma-Managing Director–Delta Group-India & SAARC region “Delta Hybrid solution includes Solar panels, generator, AC/DC power system, and battery. The solution is very reliable as the product is made out of state of the art facility at Rudrapur which has green building credential too.

Best Suitable for Rural or Remote Sites as it offers complete integrated power system which is Simple to install and easy to maintain with added advantage of Remote Control and Monitoring including Data Logging.

 All in all, RenE is an energy-efficient and OPEX-optimized solution for ensuring lower CO2 emissions.”

A typical hybrid installation consists of a rectifier system, gen-set, PV array and wind turbine. With Delta’s stand-alone system or a combination of renewable and traditional energy sources the CO2 emission rate falls rapidly, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. All in all, RenE revolutionizes market standards. It brings energy efficiency to the system level with cutting-edge control and monitoring functionality featuring the most efficient power conversion modules, cooling options and renewable energy sources in the market.

With the reduced power consumption of modern telecommunications equipment, solar electricity has become an economically and technically attractive alternative to conventional energy sources. Telecommunications lines often pass through remote, uninhabited areas where no infrastructure exists.

The power system at an unmanned site, therefore must be extremely reliable, rugged enough to withstand changing weather conditions, and with as little human intervention as possible. In case something does go wrong, it must be able to communicate an alarm signal to the nearest manned station and to sustain the solar power system’s operation for a period long enough for maintenance personnel to arrive. Delta aims to revolutionize market standards by enabling significant direct and indirect energy savings while providing easy access to unmanned sites.

SolutionE is Delta´s recently launched concept designed to provide uninterruptible power in the most energy-efficient way possible. It features Delta’s energy-saving products including EnergE rectifiers, OutD power cooling systems, advanced controllers, site monitoring and control systems (SMCS) and RenE renewable hybrid systems. With this new site solution, Delta is confident to bring revolution in the Telecom site Energy Management in India.

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