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India gets first green railway station powered by solar panels

As Panchabuta has reported, a while back, the Indian Railways had announced that it had big plans of going green. The initiatives include the introduction of new generation electric and diesel locomotives, use of bio-diesel and procurement of minimum three-star rated products, which are all showing results in saving energy. Since have taken some  early steps in that direction and about 150 Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) in Indian Railways were running on solar energy.

In a significant boost to Indian Railways’ efforts towards climate preservation, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has approved and registered the project of Improving Energy Efficiency in Indian Railways residential quarters through Compact Fluorescent. Three per cent of the Carbon Credits that would accrue from the project will also be earned by Indian Railways

According to this report, Railways has inaugurated India’s first green station at Manwal on the Jammu-Udhampur rail route. With the tiny station facing frequent power cuts, it has been a provided a supply of solar power. “A request was made to J&K SEB for providing reliable electric power supply to this station. It was planned to generate onsite renewable energy through solar panels,” said A S Negi, spokesperson, Northern Railway. Sources said that now station lighting and fans are working on solar power. The state electric supply is a standby source, which can be used in case of any failure of solar system. “Station building load has been segregated in two portions. Each portion is being fed by one group of solar panels. The complete work has been done departmentally by arranging solar panels from Kapurthala rail coach factory and Solar charge controllers have been purchased from market. All wiring, installation, commissioning has been done departmentally without any outside assistance,” he said.

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