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Eltak Valere launches Solar PV hybrid system for India Telecom Market

A new solar power system designed specifically for the Indian telecom market has been launched by Eltek Valere, a provider of high efficiency power systems. As readers of Panchabuta are aware, there are  over 300,000 diesel generators being used daily to provide power for telecommunications equipment as the grid supply in a lot of those places does not alone suffice.

This solution is far from sustainable due to both the massive cost and considerable environmental implications; the new solar hybrid system from Eltak Valere is designed to address this challenge by using solar energy to augment and optimise the use of generators.

“Compared to traditional use of generators we are very proud to be able to offer our customers an operational saving of up to 80% on energy cost,” said Krishna Pant, Country Manager for Eltek Valere in India.

The system is based on Eltek Valere’s high efficiency Flatpack2 HE Solar power system, which maximises energy efficiency and reliability by fully utilising available solar panels, as well as reducing heat loss and being resistant to lightning or other power surges.

Four to six solar panels can be connected to each Flatpack2 HE Solar converter, which converts the solar power into controlled 48VDC for supply to telecom equipment. The centre of the solution is the advanced Smartpack monitoring and control unit that optimises the system with regard to battery performance, network management, diesel consumption on hybrid sites as well as controlling additional Flatpack2 HE rectifiers where applicable.

As Panchabuta has reported, there has been a lot of activity in the cell phone tower space with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) awarding a tender for powering Cellphone sites using Solar Energy in Western Uttar Pradesh in India. Soon after, Air Liquide announced of a pilot project with Bharti Airtel to run telecom towers using hydrogen and most recently, Electro Power Systems Italy announced the launch of  ElectroSelf, the first self-recharging fuel cell system in India for backup power for telecom towers.

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