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Global US Solar joins forces with Techno Renewable Energy Systems, India

President and CEO George Galvan announced that Global US Solar will be utilizing the services of  Techno Renewable Energy Systems and it’s main partner K Ganesh Rama Rao in it’s India trading.

“We are very happy to announce that K Ganesh Rama Rao will be representing our company for the solar energy market in India. We are looking forward to offer solar modules as well as financing of solar projects worldwide if feasible” Galvan stated.

K Ganesh Rama Rao has vast experience in the renewable energy sector. He is recognized and accepted  as  an independent technical  consultant in India  for  Renewable Energy  projects  from 1 Mw  to  100 MW and above. Rao is recognized  by major  experienced organizations  such as  KVK Energy , Hyderabad, India, and IDOM (Spain)  for  CSP projects in India, providing  turnkey systems  and  plant solutions  to  PV ,CSP and  CPV technology. Rao also has expertise in  India for   power generation project customers to insure they meet the required guidelines with  MNRE, IREDA, suitable platforms  for   NVVN  grid  connectivity  PPA,  utility power generation customers in India.

Global US Solar is excited to launch into another new country and working with Rao. “We have had great success working with other countries such as China, Africa, Australia, USA and recently are working throughout Europe with sales agents worldwide” stated Kevin Frost, Vice President, Global US Solar.

With many projects in India now focusing on utilizing more renewable energy and incentives being offered, it only makes sense for companies such as Global US Solar to assist in offering quality products for lower prices to these areas. Global US Solar has obtained lower prices from manufacturers in order to offer India a high efficiency solar module at a lower price than what they can offer to Europe.

“It is the same exact solar module that is being offered in Europe but for a much lower price. We have obtained a great working relationship with several manufacturers so we can pass the savings on to the end user. It is a Win – Win for all parties.” states Galvan.

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