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Choice Solar launches “The SunCharge”-specialized Apple iPhone Solar Charger

As Panchabuta had mentioned last month, Choice Solar a company selling solar solutions in rural India had mentioned that it was being pulled into the US market by iphone users. The company has  angel investors including  Dave Chen, founding partner of Equilibrium Capital; Sarah Cleveland of Towers Watson Investment Services; and Ryan Finley and Chris Finley, founders of Portland-based Survey Monkey.

The company announced today, the launch of powerful portable solar charger for iPhone. According to the company, low cost, high power, solar charger for cell phones and iPhones reduces solar recharge time. The charger aptly named, “The SunCharge”, at 2.7 W, delivers typically 4 to 6 times the power of most solar chargers in the market, reducing recharge time. The SunCharge is a product that makes a clean energy statement.

Choice Solar designed the SunCharge for use in India where the need for affordable, reliable mobile phone charging is an immense unmet need, but found a market in the US as well. Choice Solar Chairman, Ravi Sinha pointed out “we found that most solar chargers in the US provide only a trickle charge, and take too long to charge a cell phone, battery or device. The SunCharge’s 2.7 W makes a huge difference.” Katherine Cleland, co-founder of Choice Solar adds ”The company is keenly aware of a growing desire for environmentally friendly solar charging options which are affordable, functional, and very easy to use. Our contacts in the US pressed us to make our product available now, and we listened” .

 According to the company, for iPhones, iTouch or iPod, the Choice Solar specialized iPhone Solar Charger bundle that includes the solar power charger and a rechargeable battery which can be charged by the SunCharge or via USB connection to a Laptop or other charging source. The Choice Solar iPhone Solar Charger Bundle comes with a retractable USB charging cable and cap/stand.

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