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Suzlon Group crosses 15,000 MW in wind installations across the world

Suzlon announced today that they have crossed 15,000 MW of cumulative installations world wide and have 10,500 turbines covering over 1,800 customers across 25 countries. According to the company that accounts for nearly nine per cent of the world’s total wind installations.

The Suzlon’s Group’s 15 GW of worldwide installations includes 10 GW by Suzlon Energy Limited and 5 GW by REpower Systems AG – in which Suzlon Energy Limited is a majority shareholder with a holding of over 90 per cent. It covers Group onshore and offshore installations worldwide.

Suzlon Installed Capacity Country wise for 10000MW

According to the company, it is the market leader in India with over 50 per cent market share and holds the No. 1 in Brazil and Australia and the No. 3 in USA in terms of installed capacity.

Speaking on this significant milestone, Mr. Tulsi R Tanti, founder, Chairman and Managing Director – Suzlon Energy Limited, said: “The 15,000 MW mark is a great achievement for the Group and a testament to the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. From our humble beginnings just 15 years ago, we have grown to be a world leader in wind energy.”

“As we look ahead, there is incredible potential waiting to be tapped. Global wind potential is estimated at 72,000 GW – more than four times the current world energy consumption – and we have barely scraped the surface. Harnessing this potential means providing for a clean, green future, sustainable livelihoods, and very important – energy security. As a
Group, we are well positioned to compete in the global wind market and play our part in providing ecologically sustainable development all over the world.”

In past the 15 years, Suzlon has grown from strength to strength. From a small India-based operation in 1995, the Suzlon Group has grown to be a leading wind power company with manufacturing facilities, supply chain operations, project management and operations and maintenance with over 13,000 employees across 32 countries on six continents.

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