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Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles launches its Electric Car REVAi in Pune

Just recently, the government had announced incentive for Electric Vehicle makers of upto 20% of ex-factory price. A ceiling of Rs 100,000 has been placed on Electric Cars.

According to reports,  Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (Mahindra Reva), launched REVAi in Pune.

Addressing the media, R Chandramouli, Chief of Operations, Mahindra REVA, said,”We will be tripling our sales to 3,600 units from the present 1,200 units. Of this, the domestic market will constitute 3,000 units and the balance 600 in overseas markets. We have set a 12-18-month target to achieve this target.” “With oil prices increasing, the future is electricity. The objective of the foray is to get into sustainable and environment friendly transport system. With issues such as climate change and carbon footprint taking centre stage globally, eco-friendly transportation has become the need of the hour. The electric vehicle market is hence, poised to grow rapidly. Mahindra’s extensive distribution network, coupled with our unique finance plan will help us make significant inroads into the local market,”

He added, “The Union ministry for New and Renewable Energy has also given Rs 1 lakh or 20 per cent off on factory price.”

Mahindra Reva’s new plant at Bangalore will be operational by April next year and it would have a production capacity of 30,000 units per annum.

Mahindra Reva intends to extend the market throughout the country by making the electric car available at several Mahindra outlets across the country. According to the company, REVAi is a technologically advanced car equipped with a boost mode for acceleration and power. It as an eco-friendly and economical car, offering ease to driving without clutch and gears.

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