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Wipro, TCS among top 10 companies in Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index in India

India has announced a goal of reducing the emissions intensity of its GDP by 20-25% by the year 2020, as compared to 2005.

The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) rankings are part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the gold standard globally for Climate Change disclosures. The India chapter of the CDP is stewarded by the CII-ITC Center for Sustainable Development and WWF India.The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development was set up to create a conducive climate for Indian businesses to pursue sustainability goals. It creates awareness, promotes thought leadership, and builds capacity to achieve sustainability across a broad spectrum of issues including climate change. It supports Indian businesses in becoming sustainable and channels the potential of Indian industry to power India’s agenda for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

The CDP project requested climate change and investment related information  from the top 200 companies in 2010 in India.

This year, the information request was backed by 534 institutional investors, with more than US$64 trillion assets under management. Indian institutional investors such as HDFC Bank Ltd, IDBI, IDFC, Reliance Capital and Yes Bank Ltd. were part of these 534 global institutional investors.

The responses from these corporations provides an insight on how top 200 Indian companies, by market capitalisation,are driving innovation and taking action to embrace a low-carbon future. Fifty one companies from diverse sectors,responded to the information request, representing 25.5 per cent of the top 200 Indian companies . This year 12 new companies responded to CDP’s information request.

In CDP 2008, 33% of the responding companies shared their GHG emissions data. This number increased to 62% in CDP 2009 and to over 85% (33 companies) in CDP 2010.

With growing levels of participation, the total GHG emissions reported to CDP 2010 is 114 million tonnes, compared to 68.9 million tonnes in CDP 2009 and 36.3 million tonnes in CDP 2008.

In spite of India not having mandated any GHG emissions reduction targets for industrial sectors/activity Indian businesses have been proactive in setting their own voluntary reduction targets and action to reduce emissions are comparable with the best in the world.

The top 10 companies from India on the CLDI is in the table below:

Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index India 2010

Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index India 2010: Top 10

Interesting to note that only two of the top ten companies are in the area of information technology and that Infosys Technologies that has also been in the forefront of green initiatives is absent from the top ten and have also held their CDP answers not public.

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