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Luminous pioneers in small wind turbine business in India;Installs wind-solar hybrid

Luminous which was founded in 1988 and started off providing Invertor and UPS solutions has since grown to become a power and energy storage company in India delivering high quality Inverters, UPS, Batteries and Renewable Energy Products. The company now has technologies in power electronics, batteries and storage systems, packaged power and renewable energy systems. The company claims to follows its proprietary UGC (Universal Grid Compatibility) process to ensure consistent & very high standard of reliability of its products.

Luminous recently has designed, manufactured and installed off-grid and grid connected wind-solar hybrid power plants as per this report.

These state-of-the-art power plants generate electricity from wind and sun, and supplement any energy shortfall with short operations of diesel power controlled by a specially designed proprietary master controller.

The master controller allows for continuous remote monitoring of the performance of these power plants, and storage of real time and historical data through GPRS/ Internet for display anywhere in the world.

This enables generation, storage and delivery of electricity at remote locations where grid connected electricity can not be reached.

Rakesh Malhotra, Founder & CEO, Luminous Power Technologies, said: “We are pleased to have independently developed the technology for environment friendly captive power generation. Such solutions, which also reduce operational expenses, are increasingly becoming popular across the world, in both developed and emerging economies.”

Hybrid power plants have found applications in both rural and urban electrification, for street lighting, water pumps, mobile phone and communication towers.

Luminous is the primary supplier of small battery charging wind turbines to Nokia Siemens Network, Finland for installation at their remote mobile phone towers which replaces their existing diesel generators.

Luminous also has IEC certification, which is for small wind turbines in Asia. The Whisper 200 (1KW small wind turbine), has been tested by center for Wind Energy Technology (CWET), Government of India and IEC61400-12 & IEC61400-2 for the performance and safety operations of these small wind turbines.

Read the full release (here and here).

Panchabuta has recently mentioned that there is an active consideration by Indian government to ask telecom companies to install solar panels to generate backup power for cellphone towers.  A proposal is being finalized  by the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE)  aimed at containing the use of polluting diesel generators to provide back-up power. The move could increase the cost of network expansion significantly.

Given that the cost of a renewable hybrid might be cheaper and more reliable than just solar, this might be something worthy of consideration,  in the interest of all the stakeholders. The challenges with regard to location and wind specifics however might be an in issue in using the hybrid in urban areas, but would definitely be  a better approach in the rural areas for applications like irrigation water pumps etc.

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