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Eco Urja India completes land acquisition for a 25 MW SPV project in Rajasthan,India.

Eco Urja India  just announced the completion of the  land acquisition for a 25 MW SPV project in Rajasthan, India.

The company has announced that it has completed all formalities for acquisition of a 120 Ha land in the state of Rajasthan. The policy currently stipulates the land requirement at minimum of 2 Ha  for every megawatt of capacity. Further, at least 50% of the land must have either been acquired or entered into an agreement of sale by the developer at the time of submission of letter of intent to be considered under the JNNSM.

Just recently, Orissa had announced that it had identified land for the proposed Solar Projects by NTPC. However as pointed out by a reader, the extend of land would at the most be suited for 75MW where as the talked about capacity is to the tune of 500MW.

Land acquisition and land issues in detail pertaining to Gujarat where there is the maximum number of projects that have been announced, has been discussed here.

As with any power project, Solar power projects will also have to handle this issue at the ground level once the developers start actually implementing their projects and move away from their excel sheets. However, there are specialized agencies now that could help with some of practical operational problems that developers might encounter with respect to land, land use and local approvals.

To overcome this problem, the large wind turbine  OEs in India that back up as turnkey EPC solution providers, acquire the land themselves, micro site the land and then offer the same after obtaining all clearances and approvals and developing the evacuation facilities, to developers/ end users there by providing a comprehensive one stop solution and pricing for a wind project. It is in this context that newer wind developers and OEs  entering India will face significant challenges.

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