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Orissa identifies land for NTPC solar projects

As a number of solar projects are being announced  and planned, the availability of land is bound to become an issue. The extend of land required as per guidelines currently available is about 5 acres per megawatt and the policy clearly mentions that the at least half the extent of area required for the project should be either owned or entered into an agreement of sale by the developer at the time of submission of the expression of interest.

It is also recommended that land under cultivation/ agricultural land cannot be used for Solar power projects.  In India, this poses another challenge as land is a state subject and each state has different laws with regard to land acquisition, conversion, zoning and the end use. There is a further limitation that restricts the available parcels of land in a number of states given the evacuation criteria mentioned in the policy document.

A couple of days back , this article,  analyzed the land situation in  Gujarat, where 17 project developers are said to be vying for land.

Given these developments, Orissa seems to be moving ahead by identifying potential land for Solar Projects. This is a good step that the Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) has undertaken as Orissa has had problems with numerous projects being delayed because of land acquisition.

Orissa identifies land for NTPC solar projects

The Orissa government has identified land for the solar power projects proposed by the Central sector utility major National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) in the state. The locations zeroed in are Bolangir and Boudh.

While about 300 acres of land is available in Bolangir, where Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) plans to develop a solar park, about 90 acres of land is available in Boudh, sources said.

The science and technology department of the state government has identified these locations for solar power project following the interest evinced by NTPC to set up solar and wind power projects in Orissa with aggregate generation capacity of 500 Mw.


  1. Nice article but would like to know, with 5 acre/megawatt , 300+70 acre can accommodate not more than 75 megawatt, how ORDEA and NTPC will set up 500MW? another thing how priced would be government land versus private land in Orissa? how about purchase to handover timeline in both cases?


    • Hi Nilesh,
      You have raised valid points. Once the final policy guidelines of JNNSM are out, we will see the issues you have raised play out. The bigger challenge is going to be finding sites capable of providing 33KV evacuation access as mentioned in the policy.

      The deadlines are so aggressive in Solar PV & thermal projects that there is really isn’t any room for time delays with respect to project execution itself, forget land acquisition, conversion etc. In addition to acquiring large contiguous pieces of land suitable for the project, land use conversion etc if required on the acquired parcel, site development that might need to be carried out with the support of local administration etc will also need to be factored into the project planning.

      Not sure if there are enough professional agencies that help out developers with the above mentioned issues and if first time developers are factoring these ground reality issues into the excels.

      • It is really a great step taken by the orissa government. I am finding it very ambitious, land of 5 acres per MW is really challenging.We also want to setup our grid connected solar PV plant of 100 MW capacity but i m looking for some information regarding land aquisation.

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