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Rajasthan Government to install 10,000 Solar Water Pumps

Rajasthan government has sent a proposal to the central government under the National Agriculture Development Scheme to install 10,000 solar water pumps in water scare areas. According to an agricultural department official a 5HP pump with save about 25 units of electricity daily. This could lead to an annual savings of about nine crore units. The cost of the pump will be subsidized by 80% under the scheme and the rest of it will be given as a low-interest(5%) loan to the farmers by the state government. (Article Here)

The ISA  in its recent study on the Solar PV Industry in India supported by the Supported by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India observed that though the global focus is on grid connected applications, the Indian context lends itself to a number of off grid applications due to the highly skewed nature of the energy demand between rural and urban India.


  1. vinod kumar jangid

    dear sir,
    we want soler water pump for our agriclucher farm

  2. Dear Sir,

    i am living in Maharashtra State & i want to know the Scheme from Maharashtra Govt.

    also tell me the total approximate cost of this pump , i want to install in our farm.

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