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Orissa envisages 351MW of Solar Capacity

Orissa seems to be marching ahead with the approval of additional 57 MW taking the total envisaged solar power capacity to 351 Mw from 294 Mw earlier. During last quarter the total envisaged solar capacity was around 230MW.

Orissa approves nine more solar power projects

…The Orissa government has approved nine more solar power projects with an aggregate generation capacity of 57 Mw.

….The State Technical Committee (STC), headed by the secretary in the science and technology department, cleared these projects recently.

….Projects with an aggregate generation capacity of 45 Mw were approved under the Bundling Scheme for Solar Power Plants of the Union ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE). Similarly projects of 12 Mws were approved under the Generation Based Incentive Scheme for Roof Top and Small Solar Generation of the Central sector utility major, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC).

Looks like out of the 64MW of solar power projects that were eligible to be approved under the new migration policy about 45MW has made it to the new policy.

Interesting to see how the developers are going to acquire viable land for the project given that almost 1700 acres of land is required for the approved capacity so far. The bigger challenge is going to be that of evacuation.  Given that almost half of the capacity is planned to be solar thermal, sourcing water supply for these projects could be another challenge.

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