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Cosmic Flares solar products company goes global..planning to enter India

Cosmic Flares makers of solar products including solar cell phone chargers which they seem to be retailing at about 25 USD have announced plans to enter the global market including India. Given the mobile penetration in India and the stories of  people in rural India without power going out of the way to getting their mobiles charged and paying upto Rs5/ recharge, there is huge potential for such devices as already shown by Duron.  A well thought out distribution model will be one of the key drivers of success.

Cosmic Flares solar products company goes global

Solar-powered products like solar cell phone chargers and solar backpacks allow consumers to charge on the go while creating less impact on the Earth

…Cosmic Flares’ focus lies in the marriage of function and eco-consciousness. Its solar products include solar cell phone chargers, solar backpacks that charge mobile devices, solar lamps and other products that are powered by solar energy.

“Our products enable people to get the most out of their devices and save money on electricity and energy costs, all while leaving a significantly smaller carbon footprint,” said Gurbaksh Singh Chhabra, Vice-President of Cosmic Flares.

The company was started to make a difference in people’s lives through affordable solar products and to help reduce the burden on the environment. By entering markets such Africa, Bangladesh, Latin America and India, Cosmic Flares will be able to do that on a broader, more global scale.

Panchabuta intends to follow Cosmic Flares and their entry and success in India.

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