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Praj Industries wins The Cleantech Group’s “Cleantech Emerging Enterprises of the Year”- India

Praj Industries that started out  doing zero-pollution system for treatment of distillery effluents  moved into Brewery industry for engineering and equipment for beer production.

Subsequently with Ethanol gaining prominence in the Cleantech space they moved into  the Ethanol industry. Praj was a major sponsor to a number of world wide conferences on Ethanol  between 2004-06. Leading clean tech investor Vinod Khosla invested in the company in 2006.

OWEC Tower, Praj Industries take top honours in Paris


At the close of the second day of a buzzing Cleantech Forum XXVII in Paris this week, two prestigious awards were handed out.

The Cleantech Group’s “Cleantech Emerging Enterprises of the Year” awards for Europe and India went to OWEC Tower and Praj Industries, respectively (see OWEC Tower AS and Praj Industries Named as ‘Cleantech Emerging Enterprises of the Year’ at Cleantech Forum Paris). The event brought together leading European and global cleantech corporations, investors, innovators, CEOs, and government officials from April 26 to 28…


Praj Industries CEO Shashank Inamdar received his company’s award, offering an overview of his 26-year-old firm, which has about 800 employees. Eighty percent of the company’s workforce includes engineers and technicians.

Pune-based Praj Industries (BOM:522205), listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India, is mainly focused on the production of bioethanol and biodiesel. It realised early on that feedstock availability would be the main constraint on its production; and as a result it is exploring different feedstocks such as sweet sorghum, safflower and algae.

Additionally, the company has entered the water and wastewater business due to the waste streams of its biofuels production. It currently uses waste streams from biofuels to produce energy and fertilizer. The company is also maximising the benefits of its know-how by operating a small brewery unit.

Over the last few years, Praj Industries has pioneered technology platforms to make biofuels a sustainable and attractive choice and have started working on the entire value chain of the processing right from feed stock handling and have been cognizant of the feed stock problem in India and hence enabling know-how for newer energy feedstocks like Sweet Sorghum.

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